Real Growth Requires Real Transformation!
Business Transformation is What We Are About
Whether you are looking to improve a specific business process, improve the effectiveness of your enterprise business system, or are looking for ways to improve overall profitability, we have the transformation methodologies and experience to help you.  
Unlike many of the large consulting firms, we are not heavily invested in any vendor solutions or burdened with competing interests that restrict our capability to represent your interests or advise you honestly and independently.  We go into every client engagement with an open mind and have the experience to ask the right questions that help lead to the optimal solution.

Our consultants have 360 degree experience from working as solution provider,  third party consultant/integrator and as clients. This experience gives us the unique ability to help manage expectations, facilitate open communication between all of your stakeholders, and to be conscious of your budget and vision.

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About Dean Burell
Dean Burell has spent the last 30 years working with companies of all sizes and industries to design and implement business strategies and systems to help them improve scalability and profitability while serving their customers more effectively.   He has consulted in all areas of business from product development, manufacturing and supply chain, delivery, service, and marketing and sales.   
Dean founded his consulting business 5 years ago after leaving a Director position at a top global consulting firm.   Since starting Burell Consulting LLC, he has continued to work with  some of the most innovative and well known companies in the world.  Dean is also very passionate about helping companies make a bigger impact, and utilize technology and processes previously out of reach for many companies.

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